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"Winter Whimsy"

Co-facilitated by Laura Iveson and

Jane Beatrice Wegscheider

During the first full pandemic winter, when gathering indoors was not advised, Art Garden artists
wrapped fiber art messages of love, hope and community around trees and poles throughout the
village of Shelburne Falls.

The project continued in the second pandemic winter, with The Art Garden supporting the creation of temporary, whimsical, outdoor artworks

in public places.

We provided stipends to artists and/or materials and mentoring support to community members
interested in participating. Many people told us how grateful they were for the uplifting messages

in images and words,

as well as the surprise of finding an artwork

in an unlikely place.

Community members gave tours to their

out-of-town visitors.

They were glad for something hopeful and light-filled

in the midst of hard news, let alone winter.

In 2022, over 30 ephemeral artworks were created and installed.

Winter Whimsy was supported by local cultural councils and the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts.

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