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Our Winter HooPla happens in February, during the harsh and isolating winter.

The HooPla is a magical, poetic and mysterious experience rooted in the distinctive character of the place we call home. Those who brave

the elements to experience it

express wonder and awe!





Installations are made with re-purposed and natural materials, paper, light, and the creative challenges imposed by the weather.

WinterHooPla-DanLittle Recorder2018.jpg

The event happens at night so light is a key component.


Artists, community members, and teens co-create ephemeral, outdoor art installations in the Trolley Museum rail yard’s historic buildings, old train cars and open landscape.

giant flowers.jpg


People wander along candle-lit paths and gather around a fire at the far end of the yard for conversation.

A community exhibit in the Art Garden studio provides a place to warm up, and a place to make connections with other members of the community!


We are grateful to the following Local Cultural Councils for their support of this event:

Ashfield, Buckland, Charlemont/Hawley, Colrain, Conway, Heath, Plainfield, Rowe and Shelburne,

as well as the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts.


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Thank you to the following photographers for sharing their beautiful images above:

Alouette Batteau, Laura Iveson, Rita Jaros, Phyllis Labanowski, Sequoia LeBreux, Dan Little,
Lorena Loubsky, Mia Radysh, David Rothstein, and James Smith

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